P:Today on the side,the class now!
 A:YA!Hungry burst can finally eat!
 B:That you want to eat lunch to day,wat?
 A:Every time I decided that for you now!
 B:Braised pork rice to eat it,how?
 A:Joke,eat...eat tired,appetite for a har!
 B:Then go to steak.
 A:This is also similar,go Which taste better?
 B:XX I heard good steak house,but also near the school Oh!
 A:Really?What good,recommend...
 B:A lot of things good to eat,opinions know!
 A:Well! Let's go!
   XX To the steak house ( video )
 A:Quickly go in,I can not wait!
 B:So do I .
 W:Welcome!What are you two?
 P:Three( Qiao Qiao in the back there )
 W:Well,here please.
 A:Why Professor will appear here!( Surprisng that )
 P:Not wel come me?
 A:No...not very velcome...
 B:Professor steak when you come here often?
 P:Yes,I am a frequent visitor here.
 W:This is our menu,please take a look at you as a reference 
to help you ...wait a minute I have a la carte.
    ( After a few minutes )
 W:Will be ordering it?
 P:I'll have steak xx
 A:Then I point xx steak,
 B:xx and my steak to a point.
 W:OK,So prettly please...you have to send help right away 
meals,snacks...there a many drinks were to be infinite.
    ABP  :(Twitter)
 P:I heard that you continue to be fast al 21,which is what
is going on?
 A:Professor,in fact,we have a very serious class,it was a 
beautiful mista ke it!
 B:Professor,or the meal our guesls,we do not erash!
 P:I seem to have been bribe people?( Secretly see what
wallet )
 A:Professor,or else my baby with possession of xx ,then?
Ensure you read ...( hey .hey .)
 P:( Eyes flasing stood up ) Remember to pay Oh! There is
a tomorrow xx your baby to my office( go slowly )
 A:No problem.
 B:Professors were nice ah!
    ( Pay )
 W:A total of 8,000 yuan,will be a cash or credit card?
 A:What?Three steak 8,000 yuan?
 W:Yes,two points both of you~xx steak and xx steak,
Mr. Is the most expensive restaurant meals.
 A:ㄟ~a steak in the fly yeah...
BW( Turnedto look back when A has disappeared )
 B:~Well it is! My credit card...
 W:Well...Thank you for coming,please come again!



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