Guest B: (This is a good choice)
Guest A: (across the street there is a good restaurant)
Counter: (Is there booking?)
Guest A: (none)
Counter: (Please wait a moment, I can help you to see if there is no seats)
Guest A: (good)
Counter:: (Sorry, we are full, wait about ten minutes, I ask you?)
Guest B: (Otherwise, we first stroll outside good)
Counter: (we will first help you stay seat, will be smoking or non smoking?)
Counter: (What name, please?)
Guest A: (My name is ________)
Counter: (good)
(Ten minutes later)
Counter: (Welcome, what is the ______ Miss / Mr right?)
Counter: (please wait a moment)
Waiter A: (seat ready for you already)
Guest A: (Thank you)
Guest B: (I like this restaurant furnishings and meals)
Guest A: (I prefer the quality of their services)
Guest B: (next time we come to try their steak)
Guest A: (This is a good idea)
Counter: (Well, with your income $ 500)
Counter: (you can help us fill this customer feedback form?)
Guest B: (no problem)
Guest A: (you can give me a business card?)
Counter: (Well, here is our business card)
Counter: (Next month we will have activities, the details you can call me asking and reservation)
Guest A: (Yes, we will always be noted)
Guest B: (filled out, list me on the side)
Guest B: (This restaurant's service staff are very friendly too!)
Guest A: (Yes! They said next month there will be activities, too!)
Guest B: (should be exciting)
Guest B: (that we are going to



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