Tony Li steak restaurant in the XX drinking wine and then bought the sorrow with his friends call phoenix 4s jj said:

Run out of food went to put the phone on your chat finished eating his dinner next to continue

May be too eager to find jj tony actually forgot to take his grief went to checkout the phoenix 4s

Soon after the waitress had a tony vera to clean up the desktop just after dinner
The result is sad that she was most wanted phoenix 4s on the table looked on the curious

Then the phone rings shown above "jj call" vera hesitated only picked up the phone
Tony: Hello I am the owner of the phone where reasons do you
Vera: Hello I am XX forget your phone at the restaurant that the
Tony: Thank you, good I'll take over

Tony would rush back to XX restaurant counter his sorrow phoenix 4s

Also very grateful to the restaurant staff.

Amy is friends with jack
One day they want to buy something to eat on the road to see a favorite tofu amy
But jack hate the taste of tofu do not buy it amy

Then jack found his favorite fruit durian ─ ─
But the taste of durian amy feel very sick jack to dispel the idea to buy it

They continue to find food

I walked a lot of people lining up to find they are very surprised to see signs "Durian tofu."
So they are queuing up to buy a

The results did not expect to eat well

amy was also trying 本文來自: http://tw.knowledge.yahoo.com/question/question?qid=1512013019180



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