1. in it's/my/his/her mother's womb

2. I was born

3. full moon and my second eldest brother's birthday

4. celebrate the Lunar New Year

5. go and have steak together

6. Mother's Day

7. I grew up

8. eat/have rice dumplings

9. the Chinese traditional celebation of baby turning four months old

10. great-grandmother's birthday

11. Father's Day

12. home in Taoyuan 

13. second eldest uncle's home in Bali

14. my family

15.  The Chungyuan Festival

16. barbecuing on Spring Farm/ barbecuing on a farm in springtime

17. my eldest brother's birthday party/ celebrating my eldest brother's birthday/ the celebration of my eldest brother's birthday

18. Dad's birthday party/ celebrating Dad's birthday/ the celebration of Dad's birthday

19. the next birthday is my second eldest brother's and my grandparents'

20. my maternal grandfather who lives in Kaohsiung

M has turned one year old

To my dearest family,

great-grandmother, grandpa and grandma, my uncles, aunty, my brothers, and of

course, Mom and Dad.

Thank you all for doting me so much.

Thank you for guarding me to grow up safely.

I'm so happy.

I love you.

Yours sincerely,




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